Delivery Information

Return of Goods
No product shall be returned to the seller without written authorization and shipping instructions having been obtained from the seller. Products authorized for returns are to be
shipped freight pre-paid to the VALVES INLINE Facility identified in writing unless otherwise notified, and are subject to seller’s standard re-stocking fees.

MTR’s are available at no charge upon request. The seller’s standard document package is per ISO 10474 3.1B requirements. Additional requested documentation is subject to charge.

No contract may be cancelled by the buyer except upon written notice to the seller and upon payment to the seller of all costs incurred by the contract arising out of, or in connection with, the contract. Export of goods covered hereby is subject to Australian Customs Control. Standard stocking items will be subject to a twenty-five per cent (25%) restocking and/or cancellation charge. Non-standard stocking items will be subject to a one-hundred per cent (100%) restocking and/or cancellation charge.

Cancellation Charge
The following indicates the rates of a cancellation charge of contract value for project manufactured items and/or special engineered items at various stages of production:
• Time of cancellation: Order Acknowledgement and prior to Engineering engagement. Cancellation Charge: 10%
• Time of cancellation: After the start of engineering but prior to release to production. Cancellation Charge: 30%
• Time of cancellation: After releasing to production but prior to completion of fabrication. Cancellation Charge: 80%
• Time of cancellation: After completion of fabrication. Cancellation Charge: 100%

All seller’s products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months after being placed in service, but not exceeding eighteen (18) months after shipment, when products are properly installed per seller specifications and used within the service and pressure range for which they were manufactured. Full risk of loss shall pass to the buyer upon delivery at FOB point or destination port in case of CIF. This guarantee is limited to the replacement of any valve parts/components found to be defective either in material or workmanship. This guarantee does not extend to costs of labour, freight, or any other consequential charges. The unauthorized use of third-party components and workmanship in seller’s products voids this warranty